Inventory Management

Extra people and space around the office or warehouse are often hard to come by. When it’s time to respond quickly and consistently to web site leads, phone inquires, order processing, or trade show leads (unless you have a staff dedicated to respond to these special needs), it is difficult to do in a timely manner. Rogers Printing Inc. can manage these tasks for you. We have been managing customer inventories of literature, promotional material, products, product samples, over-runs, and storage needs for several years.

In addition to dedicated inventory warehouse space, we also manage kit assembly, pick–n–pack services, and custom distribution to accommodate order fulfillment for customers who need it. Not only can we print your products and promotional materials, we can manage the tedious detail work so you can focus more on business development opportunities for your business.

Don’t be fooled by our name. Rogers Printing Inc. can also manage and distribute more than just print related products from inventory. If you need help with your companies growing product storage and distribution needs, we can help!

Keep in touch “Real Time” with our Promail On-line Inventory System.

When your materials are inventoried and managed by Rogers Printing Inc., we customize on-line inventory reports to what you need them to be. Customers have access to order status, inventory counts, historical, and other necessary information right at their finger tips where ever they may be. Of course, everything is done with high security and confidentiality agreements, so your business information is safe in our care.