Direct Mail Management

Direct MailRogers Printing Inc. has the latest technologies in inkjet mailing capabilities and an in-plant post office, but without proper direct mail management at the front end of the process, much money can be wasted. That´s why we take a unique approach to helping our customers with their direct mail needs.

Direct mail is the most efficient medium for communicating a message to a targeted market that did not request the information. However, the cost of direct mail is increasing: postal rates have been on the incline, and the costs of paper and printing are escalating.

In this environment, it's important that an organization take steps to improve the effectiveness and productivity of direct mail. Rogers Printing Inc. understands the complexity of list procurement and daily list management and can help you to devise a system that doesn't stop at the mailing. It includes testing and analysis of your direct mail program.

Everything is done under a signed Confidentiality Agreement:

  • Rogers Printing Inc. will meet with you to understand your objectives, market(s), and expectations. We need to understand the demographics and psychographics of your targeted audience(s).
  • Rogers Printing will research cost and availability of lists and forward to you our recommendations.
  • Upon your approval, lists will be leased for you.
  • On an ongoing basis, we will provide daily list hygiene to reduce the number of "undeliverables." Rogers Printing Inc. also provides such list maintenance services as merge/purge, list suppression, and verification of deliverability through the Postal Service's National Change of Address data base.
  • You will be provided with analysis of your direct mail program. This is particularly important if your direct mail includes testing of formats, offer, paper stock, or one or more other variables.

This program will help your organization reduce both costs and opportunity costs:

  • Your staff can dedicate its retention to your core business. Daily maintenance reduces costs by reducing undeliverables.
  • Analysis of results makes each subsequent mailing more productive.

Under a customized Direct Mail Management program, your organization's needs and objectives are addressed. We offer no all-purpose, off-the-shelf solutions. Every direct mail management program requires a customized approach to address each organizations objectives.