Customized Distribution

Customized DistributionRogers Printing Inc. has developed a very systematic approach to managing and tracking the numerous details involved with logistical custom distribution. Special workflow control systems are in place to handle the many details involved with multi-method shipping and fulfillment requirements often involved with customer distribution.

Rogers Printing Inc. manages the following distribution activities on an ongoing basis everyday. We can manage yours too.

Mailing Distribution

If your companies custom distribution needs involves managing mailings, we can make it easy for you. Rogers Printing Inc. offers comprehensive data mining and list procurement services that target many different demographic and physiographic categories. Ongoing list maintenance and hygiene; mail list testing; poly-bagging services; CASS certification, NCOA, postal presorting, and bar-coding; inkjet labeling; and variable messaging are all managed by RPI and mail can enter the postal system quickly using our in-plant post office.

UPS Shipping Distribution

Using UPS’s on-line maxi-ship system, our distribution specialists manage difficult multi-location pack & ship distribution on a daily basis for customers. Several hundred packages are shipped everyday for several customers and each shipment is easily trackable on-line for status and delivery confirmation. Large logistical distribution lists are also data based for easy recovery and on-going updating.

RPI Freight Distribution

For customers with distribution needs in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, Rogers Printing Inc. operates its own fleet of delivery vehicles to make sure your work is delivered on time and without hassle. With RPI Freight, we have complete control in getting there on time and hassle free!

Contracted Freight Distribution

RPI can manage any coast-to-coast shipping logistics you require using our network of preferred shipping vendors. With our location in the upper Midwest, you are in a favorable position for having materials transported to anywhere in the country efficiently and expediently. Don’t sweat the final details! We can take care of the final shipping logistics for you.

Newspaper Insert Distribution

Delivering to multitudes of alternative distribution channels like newspapers for inserting is no problem for Rogers Printing Inc. We understand what is required to make sure newspapers receive your materials on time and in the condition necessary for inserting. If you need across the country newspaper destination logistics handled, we have the experience to get it done correctly and on time.

Customer Managed Freight

If your company has the resources to manage its own delivery logistics, we can handle the paper work and make it easy to pick up. All we need to do is understand your system and exactly how you want paper work prepared and it’s done! No different than if you shipped it yourselves.