How can our 6-PAC format help your company?

The 6PAC Format is a patented design format of Rogers Printing Inc. that has several flexible marketing uses for customers. It contains 6 pages and a perforated coupon panel or BRC that makes responding to a mailing simple and trackable. For several years now, postage has increased dramatically. We realized customers needed creative ideas to mail smarter and maximize their postal dollars. Paired with properly mined and prepared data for mailing lists, the 6PAC offers many benefits to direct mailers.

6PAC is affordable to mail

The 6PAC Format meets size and weight regulations to optimize the best automation rate discounts offered by the U.S.P.S. With a standard size of 6" x 10-3/4", the 6PAC format weighs 1 oz. when printed on 80# text stock, the heaviest coated paper option available. This means the 6PAC Format makes the grade on mailing efficiency!

6PAC is efficient to produce

With the 6PAC Format, you can benefit from the efficiency of an in-line finishing manufacturing process. The 6PAC Format is produced using heatset web press technology with special in-line finishing capabilities that delivers 60,000 finished pieces per hour. This means you get efficiency savings compared to traditional, stitched-format products.

6PAC is a flexible marketing tool

If you're mailing to perspective customers and a coupon just won't do, try the 6PAC Format on 75# Reply Card (.007 caliper) to create a self-contained perf-out Response Business Card (RBC). It can be a great prospecting tool for universities, colleges, tourism organizations, financial institutions, and insurance companies. Virtually any business that uses a RBC can benefit by using the 6PAC Format and its self-contained perf-out RBC option.

6PAC provides feedback you can measure

The 6PAC Format's perforated coupon panel makes it easy for your customers to SAVE! When they save, you get a coupon redemption that can be recorded, tracked and measured in many ways. The 6PAC Format can help put a quantitative value on your promotion efforts to achieve measurable results!

6PAC is easy to use

With RPI's 6PAC Format Template CD, you can select from 12 different formats to open into your selected software preference and get the ball rolling. Since we provide the parameters to show document size, margin lines, glue/bind void zone, bleed zones and page placement, the technical information is done. All you need to do is the graphic design work in the document.

6PAC can be personalized

The 6PAC Format can also be personalized for customers that have dealer-based businesses or multiple retail locations. Personalize page 1 and 6 with specific dealer imprints in quantities as low as 500. The coupon panel can also be customized for quantities 5000 and over at the same time pages 1 and 6 are personalized.

When 6PAC isn't enough, try a 12PAC

If you have too many items to fit in the 6 pages of space - even at the maximum width, it's not a problem! We can offer the 12PAC Format which has the same flexible characteristics as the 6PAC Format, except it yields 12 pages with two (2) coupon panels back-to-back that can be positioned between pages 2-3 or 10-11. You choose!